London Pharmacy opening hours for Easter Bank Holiday 2024

This document provides the opening hours for pharmacies in London which have been asked to open over Easter Bank Holiday […]


All proceeds will go towards buying plants for the surgery allotment Raffles available from Front Reception Desk. 50p = 1 […]

Practice Allotment Patient Group

If you would like to join our Practice Allotment Patient Group on Wolves Lane Allotments N22 5JD, please complete the […]

Cancer Care Map

Cancer Care Map is a comprehensive online directory of cancer support services in the UK providing verified and trusted information, […]

Tenants Advice

Is your home affecting your health?

NHS and Care Volunteer Responders

Could you benefit from a bit of extra help this winter?

How we use your health and care data to improve care

For more information or if you don’t want your data shared please click here or scan the QR code.  You […]

Is Your Child Unwell?

Get expert health advice and guidance for your child this winter.

Care at Home Parking Permit

If you need a parking permit for your carer so they can park outside your home, you can now apply for a free Care at Home permit.

Do I look like I care? #NHSThinkCarer

Do you look after, or give help or support to anyone and are not paid for this?Did you know that […]